The Dutch Civic Integration Exam is a compulsory test that assesses your knowledge of the Dutch language, society, and culture. If you are planning to settle in the Netherlands, passing this exam is crucial to prove your readiness to integrate into Dutch society.

The exam has two levels, Inburgeringsexam and Staatsexamen, and covers a wide range of topics such as language proficiency, Dutch culture, social norms, and more.

The Nt2 Oefening platform provides detailed information about the exam format, preparation materials, and tips to pass the test.

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A student in the Dutch Integration Exams

Dutch Integration Exams: How to Self-Study?

Unlocking Dutch Integration success! Non-EU citizens pursuing Dutch nationality face the Inburgeringsexamen. Master self-study with tips on setting goals, practice tests, language skills, and staying motivated. Your path to integration starts here.

Two men wearing suitable for Dutch Traditions and having fun at the festivals.

Exploring Dutch Traditions and Festivals

Immersing yourself in Dutch traditions and festivals is an exciting way to experience the vibrant culture of the Netherlands. By participating in events like King's Day, Sinterklaas, Carnival, Liberation Day, and New Year's Eve, you not only gain insight into Dutch customs but also improve your language skills and cultural...

A woman study for Civic Integration Exam B1 by listening

Civic Integration Exam B1

The Civic Integration Exam (Inburgeringsexamen) is a test that non-Dutch citizens must take in order to obtain Dutch citizenship or a long-term visa. The exam is designed to assess the knowledge and skills of the candidate in areas such as language proficiency, Dutch society, and the Dutch legal system.

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Online Language Learning and Technology

Online language learning is a convenient option to learn from anywhere with an internet connection. In addition, it has also benefited from the incorporation of various technologies such as machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. These technologies have revolutionized the way of online language learning, making it more efficient and...

Some people in the class who taking a the Civic Integration Exam (nt2 oefening)

What includes Civic Integration Exam?

The Civic Integration Exam (The Inburgeringsexamen in Dutch) is basically designed to ensure migrants to the Netherlands have enough knowledge of the Dutch language and culture to integrate into the Netherlands.