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Knowledge of Dutch Society Exam: Everything You Need to Know


The integration exam ensures that newcomers to the Netherlands are well-prepared to participate in Dutch society. So, it assesses both language skills and cultural knowledge. The exam includes various language proficiency tests and knowledge exams under the 2013 and 2021 Civic Integration Acts. To determine which exams you need to take, check Mijn Inburgering. Now, we will share the key components of the Knowledge of Dutch Society Exam and other related exams.

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Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNM) Exam

The Knowledge of Dutch Society Exam (KNM) tests your understanding of daily life in the Netherlands. You will take this exam on a computer, watching short films on topics such as shopping and visiting the doctor. After each film, you answer related questions. Also, the exam lasts for 45 minutes. This interactive format ensures that you are familiar with common situations in Dutch society.

Job Market and Participation Module (MAP)

If you need to integrate under the 2021 Civic Integration Act, your personal integration plan (PIP) will tell you. It will state if you need to take the Module on Labour Market and Participation (MAP). The municipality conducts this module, which focuses on working and finding jobs in the Netherlands. On the other hand, it includes two parts: the labor market and participation.

During the labour market part, you learn about employment opportunities and job-seeking strategies. On the other hand, the participation part covers practical assignments, such as volunteering, internships, or paid work. These assignments help you understand Dutch society and prepare for job interviews. The training is suitable for your personal needs, ensuring you gain valuable skills for integration.

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Orientation on the Dutch Labor Market (ONA)

The Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market (ONA) exam is for those integrating under the 2013 Civic Integration Act. In addition, it is for those integrating voluntarily. This exam has two parts: assignments (a portfolio) and either 64 hours of an ONA course or a final interview. Start working on your portfolio early, as it can take up to six weeks to check. After approval, you can apply for the final interview, which may also require a six-week wait. You will receive your results by letter within eight weeks. Also, you can check them on Mijn Inburgering.

If your portfolio is not approved, you must adjust it and resubmit. This process can repeat until approval. Once your portfolio is accepted, you move on to either the final interview or the 64-hour course. The fee for the ONA exam is €40, payable via iDeal or a loan.

Participation Statement (PVT)

If you need to integrate from 1 October 2017 or later, you must sign the participation statement. This applies if you are registered with the municipality. This statement confirms that you will actively participate in Dutch society and respect its values. Also, the municipality will send you a letter explaining the importance of equality, freedom of religion, and freedom of expression in the Netherlands. After learning these principles, you sign the participation statement, which the municipality then registers and informs DUO. Your participation will be reflected in Mijn Inburgering within three weeks.

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The Knowledge of the Dutch Society Exam and related integration requirements are essential for newcomers. Because they help individuals fully integrate into Dutch society. By understanding the KNM, MAP, ONA, and PVT exams, you can better prepare for your integration journey. Remember to check Mijn Inburgering for your specific requirements and start preparing early. Integration not only helps you adapt to life in the Netherlands but also enriches your experience in this diverse and dynamic country.

Whether you’re taking the Knowledge of Dutch Society Exam or participating in other integration modules, the goal is to ensure you have the skills and knowledge to thrive in the Netherlands. 

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