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Simulate Official Dutch Language Exam Experience in a real format. 99% similar content, question types, and topics (inburgering & NT2).

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    The smartest way for Dutch language testing

    Both for language courses and exam takers

    Welcome to Nt2 Oefening, your one-stop solution for mastering the Dutch language testing and passing the Dutch Civic Integration Exams (Inburgeringsexam – Staatsexamen). Our platform offers a range of Dutch language practice exams designed to help you improve your Dutch language proficiency and prepare for the exam.

    With our technology partner Mysolywe understand that the Dutch Civic Integration Exam can be challenging, so we provide Dutch language practice exams in a real exam format for all four skills – listening, writing, reading, and speaking. When the project is completed, you can analyze your performance, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and improve your scores with instant feedback and personalized analytics powered by generative AI algorithms.

    It will be available at all levels and at full capacity at the end of 2024.

    For Exam Takers

    Students, Migrants, Expats

    Simulates Real Exam Format

    NT2 Oefening simulates the official Dutch exams in their original format. The test questions that students may face in an exam are in the closest format to reality.

    Instant Feedback With Generative AI

    Candidates will get instant feedback about their writing and speaking skills immediately. Thanks to our Dutch Grammar Correction model, the users will check their mistakes without waiting.

    Vocabulary Pool

    The platform compiles list of words from queries that users have answered wrongly automatically. The user is always able to practice these words.

    Actionable Data & Reports

    After each exam, all candidates can check their results simultaneously on their personal dashboard which can only be seen by themselves.

    Instant feedback
    Easy to use
    Choose your style
    Fully personalized!

    For Teachers

    Courses, Schools, Universities

    Monitor All Activity

    Courses, schools, or mentors can instantly see the performance and mistakes and give necessary feedbacks online when their students or candidates take the exam.

    Time & Budget Saver

    You don't have to assign additional tasks to your teachers or ask for their time to evaluate your users' exam results and give feedback. Our AI model will do it for you.

    Expertly Crafted Questions

    The questions in our simulated exams have been developed by NT2 certified exam professionals and BOOM experts.

    Use Your BOOM Account

    All our partners can use their existing BOOM accounts and share it with their students without any further activation.

    All BOOM partners

    can use their existing BOOM accounts and share them with their students without further activation.

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      • Test simulation for all level
      • Unlimited testing
      • Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing
      • Personal Performance Dashboard
      • AI-Based Instant Feedback
      • Online Support, 7/365
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      Unlimited use for 30 days.

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      See what others are saying about Nt2 Oefening and how it helped them prepare for the Dutch Civic Integration Exam!

      Our Technology Partner

      Mysoly is a team of engineers who are fully focused on the goal of developing unique and custom online e-learning platforms supported by generative AI technology. More than 15 years of experience in Data Management and Software Development gives them the power to design solutions in a fast and exceptional way.

      All Skills with

      You can improve yourself in all skills. At different levels from A1 to B2, in the skills you feel incomplete or want to try. All you have to do is log in to the platform. The instant feedback feature in the speaking and writing tests will excite you too. Stay tuned.


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