The State Examination of Dutch as a Second Language (NT2), also known as the State Exam Nt2, is a nationally recognized language proficiency exam.

What is the State Exam Nt2 (Staatsexamen Nt2)? – What do Program I and II mean?


The State Exam Nt2 (Staatsexamen Nt2), a nationally recognized proficiency test, evaluates Dutch skills for non-Dutch speakers. It is an official assessment of an individual’s ability to understand, speak, read, and write Dutch at various proficiency levels.

Staatsexamen Nt2 is your key to demonstrating proficiency in Dutch. It’s not just a test. However, it’s a gateway to fluently understanding, speaking, reading, and writing Dutch. It is also a skill set that opens doors to work, study, and vibrant integration in the Netherlands.

On the other hand, the State Exam Nt2 includes two different levels. Each level corresponds to a specific level of language competence. Also, these levels are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), providing a standardized framework for assessing language skills across Europe. Whether you’re aiming for basic social integration or pursuing advanced academic or professional endeavors, the State Exam Nt2 offers a tailored evaluation framework to match your language journey. Here are the levels at which you can take the exam:

  • Program I (B1)
  • Program II (B2)
Program I (B1) and Program II (B2) determine your mastery of the Dutch language, showcasing your ability to communicate effectively in various situations.

Program I and II

These levels determine your mastery of the Dutch language. Also, they showcase your ability to communicate effectively in various situations. After each program, you can get the Diploma State Exam Nt2 and show at what level you master the Dutch language.

On the other hand, you do not have to do Program I first and then Program II. It is possible, but this is not required. However, you must choose the level that suits you.

Program I (B1) Level

Program I (B1) is appropriate for individuals seeking employment or education opportunities at MBO 3 or MBO 4 levels. The level aligns with CEFR B1 standards. The content and tasks of the exam include situations that occur in education, work, and daily life at these levels.

MBO 3 Level signifies secondary vocational education, where students acquire practical skills and knowledge relevant to their chosen fields. It prepares them for entry-level positions and practical roles in various industries. On the other hand, at MBO 4 Level, students delve deeper into their vocational training. They gain specialized expertise and advanced skills necessary for managerial or technical roles within their respective sectors.

Program II (B2)

Program II is for people who want to study or work at a higher vocational or university level. It aligns with CEFR B2 standards.

The content and tasks of the exam include situations that occur in training, work, and the daily lives of highly educated people. Moreover, in Program II, reflective and argumentative texts play an important role.

The State Exam Nt2 is the key to show Dutch proficiency.

Comparing Levels

  • In Program I (B1), tasks mirror real-life scenarios at MBO 3 and MBO 4 levels. Exam vocabulary is practical, sourced from essential Dutch word lists. It includes everyday communication and workplace scenarios. 
  • Program II (B2) tasks target highly educated individuals. They focus on complex scenarios, including reflective and argumentative texts. Also, they assess advanced language skills such as critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and effective communication in academic and professional contexts.

Choosing Your Path

When deciding between Program I and Program II, consider your academic or career goals. Program I prepares you for practical roles and entry-level positions. On the other hand, Program II equips you with the language skills needed for higher education or advanced professional roles.

The State Exam Nt2 includes different levels. These levels are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


The State Exam Nt2 (Staatsexamen Nt2) is a vital benchmark for non-Dutch speakers navigating Dutch proficiency. Through Program I and Program II, individuals can demonstrate their language mastery aligned with CEFR standards. And, this opens avenues for work, education, and societal integration in the Netherlands. Regardless of the level chosen, the State Exam Nt2 empowers individuals to fluently engage in Dutch language contexts, bridging opportunities and fostering seamless integration into Dutch-speaking communities.

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