An NT2 diploma

Why do you need an NT2 diploma?

The NT2 diploma, standing for “Nederlands als Tweede Taal” (Dutch as a Second Language), is more than just a certificate—it’s a testament to your proficiency in the Dutch language. But, why do you need it? Let’s explore together!

1. Gateway to Dutch Education:

The NT2 diploma frequently becomes crucial if the Netherlands is your preferred study destination, especially for courses offered in Dutch. It guarantees your academic success because universities and colleges see it as proof of your language proficiency.

2. Your Competitive Edge in the Job Market:

Language skill is valued at work in the Netherlands. For many employers, having an NT2 diploma is not just a preference but also a need. Having this qualification increases your employability and opens up more career opportunities in positions requiring frequent interactions with the Dutch.

A woman hold in her hand an Nt2 diploma

3. Paving the Path to Citizenship:

Dreaming of calling the Netherlands home? Dutch citizenship often comes with its set of prerequisites—one of which is showcasing your command over the language. An NT2 diploma simplifies this journey, indicating your deep-rooted connection to Dutch culture and community.

4. Elevating Daily Dutch Interactions:

Beyond formal necessities, the true essence of language lies in daily connections. An NT2 diploma empowers you to converse confidently with locals, immerse in community events, and truly live the Dutch experience.

Someone holds an Nt2 diploma


The NT2 diploma is not just a piece of paper. It’s a key that opens up a world of possibilities in the Netherlands, whether they be professional, social, or academic. Accepting this language challenge improves both your qualifications and your stay in the Netherlands. If you’re in, or planning to enter, the vibrant realm of the Netherlands, the NT2 diploma stands as your trusted companion.

Whether you’re looking to improve your Dutch language proficiency or preparing for the Dutch Civic Integration Exam (Inburgeringsexam – Staatsexamen), Nt2 Oefening will be the perfect platform for you.

Start your journey towards mastering the Dutch language with Nt2 Oefening. Try it now!

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