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Registering for the Integration Exam in the Netherlands


Registering for the integration exam is a crucial step for newcomers in the Netherlands. So, proper registration ensures you can take the exams needed to integrate successfully. Now, we share the process of registering for various integration exams. Understanding this process will help you avoid delays and ensure you are well-prepared.

Registering for an Exam

When planning to take an integration exam, you might need to wait longer than usual. Therefore, check Mijn Inburgering regularly to see if spots become available. So, you may find an earlier exam date or a different location that suits you better. Mijn Inburgering provides information on which exams you need to take and at what level.

Registering for PVT and MAP

Participation in the PVT and MAP activities requires registration with your municipality. These activities are part of your integration process. Also, they are essential. The municipality will guide you through the registration process and provide the necessary details.

Registering for Language Exam B1 or B2

If you aim to take a language exam at level B1 or B2, specifically the Nt2 State exam, here is what you need to know:

  • You can register approximately eight weeks before the exam date.
  • Registration for multiple exam components is allowed at the same time.
  • However, you cannot register for a section you are already registered for or have yet to receive a result.
  • You will receive an email confirming your registration.
  • Use your DigiD to register in My DUO. If you cannot apply for DigiD, you can register without it.
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Registering for KNM, ONA, or Language Exam A2

If you need to register for the Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNM) exam, the Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market (ONA) exam, or a language exam at level A2, follow these steps:

  1. To register for the exams, log in to Mijn Inburgering.
  2. Decide on the exam’s date and place.

Thanks to your DigiD, you can access Mijn Inburgering and manage your registration. If you encounter login problems, seek assistance to resolve these issues promptly.

Changing the Date or canceling the Exam

Once you register, you will receive a letter from DUO indicating your exam’s date and location. If the date is inconvenient, you can choose another day. In Mijn Inburgering, you can change the date or location up to two weeks before the exam. You also have the option to cancel the exam, receiving a refund if done at least two weeks in advance.

If You Do Not Have Mijn Inburgering

For those without access to Mijn Inburgering, it’s crucial to register well in advance. It may take over six weeks to schedule your exam. Ensure you allow sufficient time for registration and preparation.

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When is the Exam?

After registering in Mijn Inburgering, you can see the exam date in your account. In addition, you will receive a letter from DUO one week before the exam. The letter states the date, time, and place. If you used a form to register, DUO will send a letter within three weeks after payment. This letter will confirm the exam details.


Registering for integration exams is a significant step in your journey to becoming part of Dutch society. So, it is important to understand the registration process and use Mijn Inburgering effectively. So, you can avoid unnecessary delays. Also, make sure to check Mijn Inburgering regularly for updates on exam availability. Proper registration ensures you are on the right path to achieving your integration goals.

Furthermore, to enhance your preparation, consider practicing with exam-like questions and topics. This practice will help you become familiar with the exam format and improve your chances of success. Start your preparation early and stay informed about the registration process to ensure a smooth integration experience.

As you progress on your Dutch integration journey, Nt2 Oefening serves as a valuable resource. The platform is designed to help you prepare effectively for the Nt2 State exam. Thanks to similar question types, topics, and content, at all language levels, you can boost your confidence and improve your performance in the official Dutch Inburgering and Staatsexamen Nt2 exams. Practicing with instant feedback is a key strategy to ensure you are well-prepared and ready to succeed in these important exams.