A teacher teaches Dutch as a second language to her students

Helping Children Learn Dutch as a Second Language

Unlock the world of bilingualism for children by helping them embrace Dutch as a second language. Our guide explores engaging games, captivating stories, and cultural immersion to enrich their language journey. Start nurturing their potential today and open doors to a brighter, more inclusive future!

Children holding and waving Dutch flags

5 Free Dutch Teaching Materials

NT2 Oefening offers a wide variety of free Dutch grammar exercises suitable for learners at all levels. From verb conjugation to mastering prepositions, the exercises are accompanied by a helpful glossary and reference section, making it an excellent resource for those looking to strengthen their Dutch language skills.

robots sitting at a computer and providing personalized feedback

Personalized Feedback: Mastering Languages with AI

Explore the AI-Powered Language Learning revolution, harnessing personalized feedback and gamified experiences. Embrace immersive language mastery through AI's tailored approach, from speaking practice to writing assistance. Discover how AI transforms learning dynamics, with NT2 Oefening as your Dutch language companion.