Children sitting on their parents' laps

Embracing Multilingual Parenting

Discover the Power of Multilingual Parenting! Enhance cognitive abilities, empathy, and future prospects. Overcome challenges with language balance. Embrace practical tips for early exposure, creating a multilingual environment, and OPOL strategy. Celebrate diversity and a towering future. Also, boost Dutch skills with NT2 Oefening – interactive learning for fluency in Dutch!

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two girls are sitting on the road talking to each other

Code-Switching by Expat Children

Code-switching is a remarkable linguistic phenomenon exhibited by expat children, enabling them to seamlessly navigate diverse cultures and languages. By embracing code-switching, these children develop invaluable language skills, cultural awareness, and a balanced sense of identity. As expat families embark on their Dutch language journey, Nt2 Oefening stands ready to support their Dutch language acquisition and integration goals.

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a human working on e-learning and development works on computer

The Risk of Automated Content Development Process

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-learning and development, the concept of automated content development using robots or artificial intelligence has gained significant attention. The idea is intriguing: imagine a robot analyzing educational materials and effortlessly generating e-learning content like quizzes, worksheets, or video lessons. It promises to save time, enhance consistency, and cater to the individual needs of learners.

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